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Lino print

Image size 60 x 40 cm

Limited edition of 75

No mount

No frame

Hand burnished on quality cartridge paper


Thornielee from Elibank Craig

Looking back upstream. The engraved lino lines can show flow and current in a river and follow the contours of hills, the topography of the land. Interesting point: maps don`t generally show the direction of river flow

Similarly in the sky the medium  can suggest currents of the wind, movement in the ever evolving clouds, warm energy from the sun, and all described by lino lines, interconnecting all the elements.

I studied the view and my photographs until, like the low flying buzzard, I had puzzled how the land lay, how it folded together in 3 dimensions; could imagine myself walking, canoeing or gliding through the landscape.

Only then could I draw it and then print it

Thornielee from Elibank Craig

  • An extra £6 is added for postage and packing within the UK

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