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Lino print

Actual image 60 x 40 cm

Limited edition of 100

No mount

No frame

Hand burnished on quality cartridge paper


Occasionally an RAF Hercules transporter plane flies down the Tweed Valley (always with the current).

This composition is largely about mountainbiking. My own experience has been largely as enabler for my sons, or running alongside (or far behind) them on the trails.

This is about the eager anticipation of hitting the Seven Stanes trails (perhaps after coffee and cake at the cafe). The short journey along the road to the Red Bull car park, just the other side of the river from Innerleithen.

Again, I wanted to include people I knew, significant in our family`s story. So, here is Kath Aimable and her grandson Corrie outside Traquair Garage.

Intersecting the road is the shadow of the plane, flashing past.

I was very aware at the time of all the bombing going on in Aleppo and, despite the lightness in the rest of the image, that shadow (seemingly on course to strike a building) is there to highlight the fragility of our country`s peace. How we can never take it for granted.

The Road to the Red Bull. Innerleithen

  • An extra £6 is added for postage and packing within the UK

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