Lino print

Actual image 30 x 40 cm

No mount

No frame

Limited edition of 75

Hand burnished on quality cartridge paper


In all my years living in the Tweed Valley, I`d never explored the forest of Thornielee. And then a friend, aware I was looking for river landscapes, agreed to be my guide there. This is someone who may well know all the trails and hidden tracks from Yair to Old Howford and everything in between. A tree climber too !

Although mainly thick plantation, there are sudden clearings and in certain places you are confronted with wide sweeping views of the valley and the river.

In this image the trail snakes down through the heather clumps and its curve is then taken up by the river itself as it reaches back into the west, and its source.

And above it all a Peregrine Falcon. Almost shape changer like, you could imagine yourself taking the form of the bird and soaring above the landscape.

The print was also my initial response to a commission from Alex Feechan of

Findra ( An outdoor clothing company for women ) to design a window for her new shop on Innerleithen High Street. The Falcon was my attempt at illustrating the spirit of her vision.

Peregrine Over Thornielee

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