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Lino print

Image size 60 x 40 cm

Limited edition of 75

No mount

No frame

Hand burnished on quality cartridge paper


As you enter Peebles from the Edinburgh Road, over the river and far to the south are the distinctive shapes of Hundleshope Heights. I like the alliteration in the name.

I`d thought the protuberances at the summit might have been remnants of hill forts. Scouring the OS map there were no markings to indicate this, sadly. Just natural, rocky outcrops.

When I made the drawing and then the print itself I loved the comma-like curve of the Spruce plantation between the hills. Since printing, this has now been harvested. Have a look: what had appeared as permanent as the hills themselves has now been cut down.

I`ve camped on hills on moonlit nights and wanted to communicate the feel of that. Poking your head out of the tent flap and seeing a strange, silent, nocturnal world bathed in eerie light and moonshadow.

The runner is a vague reference to an iron age hunter. There is also a roe deer stepping out from the woods

Hundleshope Heights by Moonlight

  • An extra £6 is added for postage and packing within the UK

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