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Lino print

Actual image 56 x 40 cm

Limited edition of 75

No mount

No frame

Hand burnished on quality cartridge paper


A number of these prints are Labours of Love; the engine driving the wheels being a desire to almost venerate a place and its people.

None more so than Glenbenna where I live with my family. A “hamlet” of mainly wooden ex forestry houses, shipped over 60 odd years ago from pre IKEA Sweden. A little enclave along the back road, where the Stell Burn comes out to feed the Tweed.

I climbed one of the Cherry Trees. It afforded a bird`s perch view up the lamp-postless, pot holed road. And beyond, into the forest.

I feel I know every corner and have been here in every mood, every time of day or night, on every day of each season, for well over a decade.

On dark moonless nights I`ve pointed out the (few) constellations I recognise to our sleepy children: the Plough and the pole star floating behind us, over towards Walkerburn.  Orion the Hunter standing astride the Minch Moor in the south. Sirius gleaming. Red Mars travelling slowly across the winter blackness.

Again I`ve used lino lines to denote the movement of clouds, and I`ve cast large, round cloud shadow and laid them down hill sides, to connect earth with air.

At this particular time Andrew is off for a forest run, Jane plants a tree. Graham prepares for mountainbiking,  Keith hoists a canoe onto his car, one of the girls sits astride a pony. Smokey gets stuck up our roof. Again

Glenbenna. Forest gateway

  • An extra £6 is added for postage and packing within the UK

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