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Actual print 60 x 40 cm.


Hand printed (burnished) on quality cartridge paper 

Limited edition of 100

At the turn of the century we moved down to Innerleithen from Edinburgh and found it to be a great place to grow kids. Through their school and through becoming Sash Girls and Monks, we came to know Games Week. We`d had significant flooding the previous winter, in 2015. I`ve never seen the river like this.The bands marching down the High Street has some of the sense of a strong flow of water bursting the banks of its river. I puzzled for ages how to fit everything in to the image. Factual details, memories and imaginings. Like the day paragliders flew down to the school playground, the inclusion of “Rocky” (Innerleithen landmark), Fikos the pizza place (now no longer), the old Belisha Beacons, distinctive buildings and of course the bunting, the crowds and the two bands. And how better to create a sense that we are participating in the occasion, than to float 10 feet above ground level for the best view ! Google Street Map was a great discovery for picking out detail. I hovered many times up and down the High Street in that other virtual world. Also perspective:  applying the general rule about vanishing points. There was so much razzmatazz and excitement going on in the image that I wanted to be sure a scaffolding was safely underpinning it all; a secure, carefully planned composition. Then I could “relax within a system”, let the imagination run away with itself in the carving process.Strangely, as I worked on this piece, I listened to a recording of the Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio play. This maybe added a slightly skittish quality to the print. 


Beating the Retreat. Innerleithen Games Week

  • Each print is hand made and so there will be variations. Yours therefore may differ slightly from the photographed image

  • An extra £6 is added for postage and packing within the UK

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